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To paint or to replace, that is the crucial question! Cabinet painting is a frequent element of kitchen renovations or comprehensive home remodels. Rather than opting for the expensive replacement of cabinets, you might choose to rejuvenate your cabinetry with a new, durable, and lasting finish. Re-coating any cabinetry in your home or office often proves to be a more economical option, allowing you to select your preferred look and color. Even if your cabinetry displays signs of wear and tear, such as minor chips and scratches, these imperfections are typically repaired with hard fillers during the preparation phase to ensure optimal refinishing and concealment of defects. You will be amazed at the transformation that a thorough coat of primer and two sprayed top coats can bring to your cabinetry doors, drawers, and framing.

Cabinet Painting Sequencing


Do you want your cabinets to blend seamlessly with the wall color, or would you prefer to make a bold statement with a contrasting hue? FJP is here to guide you through a detailed color consultation, ensuring that your final choice is exactly what you envisioned, without any unintended tints or shades – a common mishap in color selection. Rest assured, FJP is committed to making certain that your chosen color is precisely matched, selected, and applied.


Our process begins with a thorough explanation of various products, highlighting their unique wear-and-tear characteristics tailored to protecting your specific cabinetry. Cabinets coated in multiple layers of product may require specialized prep before the application of primer and a durable finish. For stained cabinetry, a light sanding of the clear coat, followed by a hard-drying clear coat, might be the most suitable option. Additionally, the choice of products may be influenced by the current living conditions; for example, urethane trim enamel or waterborne alkyd might be preferable if the house is occupied, whereas traditional oil-based paint, lacquer, or conversion varnish could be optimal if the home is empty during the project. FJP is here to address all your questions and assist you in settling on the most suitable product option.


All cabinetry components – including the framework, drawers, and doors – will undergo a thorough cleaning, sanding, dusting, and priming process before the application of paint using fine finish equipment. In most scenarios, all hardware will be removed. The spray area will be meticulously masked off using an assortment of masking materials, zip poles, and a ventilation system if required. Alternatively, some cabinetry pieces may be transported to our workshop for spraying.

Remember, the kitchen is often considered the heart of the home, a special gathering space for family and friends. Whether your goal is to enhance your living space for your own enjoyment or to increase the marketability of your home for sale, painting your cabinets is a strategic move that will capture attention and add tangible value.


  • Elevate your cabinetry with new hardware! Upgrade to soft-close hinges for a touch of luxury and convenience.
  • Introduce new rail hardware to your drawers for the smoothest and most seamless openings and closings.
  • Consider replacing the cabinet doors. Maintain your existing cabinetry framework and simply enhance it with upgraded doors!