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Interior Painting

Flying Jewel Painting has the experience and working knowledge to assist you with all your interior painting needs. A fresh coat of the same color or a splash of new paint will instantly transform the mood and value of your space. Strategize with our team to add a few accent walls throughout, or manage a whole group of paint colors & sheens to add a new feel to every room throughout. Our team will assist you with the whole process from A to Z guaranteed!


Express your unique design ideas to transform the look and feel of your home with Flying Jewel Painting. We can work from the beginning stages of a complete property refurbish, to simple repaints, and everything in between. During the estimate process, FJP works closely with the customer to understand the various options that best fit their project. We use our detailed craftsmanship and expertise, working with multiple vendors and products to best match the design of your space, as a way to boost and beautify the bones of your building!

  • Coloring matching, staining, epoxies, primers
  • Shellacs, lacquers, varnishes, polyurethanes
  • Latex products, low VOC, oil base paints

We can restore or newly coat any surface from wood trim, walls, concrete, brick, lathe and plaster, or tile. Whether you have a specific vision for one room, or need to refresh your entire trim and wall color scheme; we will create a pristine finish that will stand the test of time.


The customer also has the option to choose from a variety of application techniques that appeal to the specific aesthetics of their project.

  • Typically, material coatings for millwork and cabinetry are applied by an airless or HVLP paint sprayer, which creates a smooth, durable finishes.
  • Brush applications are always a nice option for woodwork, providing a classic, old- world look to surfaces. Brushing material also eliminates the need for excessive masking and sectioning off of areas of your home.
  • Choosing the correct nap size is important to either add or limit texture created on different types of walls: smooth, knock-down, or heavy texture.

    Flying Jewel Painting takes great pride in caring for your indoor living space! We thoroughly secure masking protection for all flooring, furnishings, woodwork, and areas to be kept free from dust and other paint byproducts.



We believe every job requires contractor and home owner collaboration in order develop the best workable schedule for both parties. We work with you to determine what rooms will need to be prioritized and develop a worksite plan that accommodates you. We go out of our way to ensure that every room we work on is done with a steady, efficient plan, and sequence. While we do not need to access every room every day, some rooms may remain out of service overnight or longer. We do our best to minimize the inconvenience. Our biggest interior painting tip is to come up with a quick guide for how you would like us to move about your home, which we will easily plan around.


Paint crews typically occupy the workspace for the duration of the project, which on average ranges from one to three weeks. However, for certain jobs, we may need to be on site for extended periods of time. Communal areas such as transitional and unoccupied spaces like spare rooms, stairwells, guest rooms, and hallways serve as excellent overflow rooms. This allows us to adjust our working location to accommodate others on site who need access to common areas.


Commonly used trade materials can sometimes raise concerns regarding safety and comfort in your living space. We make every effort to minimize exposure to airborne particulates through the use of dust barriers and ventilation systems, significantly reducing the amount of dust and odor. FJP develops prevention plans and monitors all containment and exposure to surrounding interior and exterior environmental areas. Flying Jewel Painting selects from a range of low VOC paints to suit each unique project.

The ideal scenario is to work in an empty space from the beginning to the end of the project. However, our FJP team will strategically sequence the project to ensure that all inhabitants or tenants have limited exposure to sensitive materials, maintaining their ability to move around the area as needed during our work. We exclusively use low and zero VOC paints for interior paint projects, as they are low odor and safer for your family compared to traditional solvent-based and some waterborne paints. However, individuals with a strong sensitivity to paint might still consider sleeping in a different room immediately after the painting is completed.


It is common for each project to include areas that require more prep/paint work and will often take longer to finish. As a result, these areas may be inaccessible for longer periods of time as we work these areas through the full process of repair & refinish. It is helpful if all smaller furnishings are stowed away or are removed from the room. Large items are usually gathered in the center of the room then masked off. Some specialized projects may require multiple visits to complete, in which case FJP will complete all the necessary re-masking/dropclothes for each stage.


Whether it’s a family living space or a community-occupied commercial area, FJP implements every precaution to safeguard all flooring, windows, furnishings, and surrounding landscapes with the requisite coverings. In instances where on-site spray shops are necessary, FJP ensures the application of all standard and customary protections against overspray.