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Exterior Painting

Whether you are looking to spruce up your home for sale, manage weather damages, or introduce a whole new color scheme, the power of paint is undeniable! We thoroughly enjoy assisting our customers in boosting curb appeal and adding instant value to their homes.

Preparation work is key! We power wash all projects to ensure clean substrates from the start; this maximizes the adhesion of all layered materials. Removal of all loose paint is part of our basic preparation for exterior surfaces. Our sanding procedures range from spot sanding to complete removal of paint layers from substrates. Essential protection of landscapes, vehicles, windows, and any unpainted surfaces will be discussed during the estimate walk-through and provided starting on day one. A combination of ladders, harnesses, planks, scaffolding, and/or boom lifts are used to support access and safety at each jobsite. Spray, brush, and roll techniques are all employed on exterior paint projects to produce the desired, quality finish.

Given the array of materials to choose from, each requires its own particular preparations and best application techniques, all of which have varying timeframes for execution. Flying Jewel Painting has extensive experience with a wide range of paints and stains and will educate you on product types and processes before a decision is made.

One example is wood staining. Essential to providing a lasting, quality product is knowing how to work with wood conditioners. These support uniform saturation and exact coloring before stain is applied to enhance the depth appearance in the wood. Additionally, there are many types of stains to choose from, including transparent, semi-solid, water-soluble, and gel-stain, to name a few. Selecting the right color, stain, and clearcoat will make all the difference in how you choose to showcase, or conceal, the desired depth, color, and sheen.

All FJP exterior coatings are based on thorough prep work, the use of premium products, and quality craftsmanship to ensure a lasting paint job that is sure to catch the eye!

All types of exterior painting projects are welcome here at Flying Jewel Painting! Our crews have experience with all aspects of exterior, residential painting projects, including Victorian, contemporary, craftsman, mid-century, farmhouse, stucco, new homes, buying and selling resales, flips, and commercial buildings. We know how to plan and prioritize these projects with all the necessary tools and knowledge of the best materials to apply the most durable, lasting coatings to suit each project.


Exterior Project Planning
At the start of each project, our crew scans the entire exterior for any rotting or deteriorating areas. Areas that are failing will be either repaired or replaced accordingly. For best preservation we’ll often use wood hardener to strengthen wood fibers and/or use the correct primer to seal, or plan to replace. Replacement of materials may be necessary, done by our company or as an additional service from one of our networks licensed carpenters.

All hand tools, ladders, planks, and customary painting equipment are provided by FJP for the duration of each job. The cost of renting additional equipment such as scaffolding or industrial high lift equipment (manlifts) is included in the bid as a line item if necessary.

Environmental impact is one of our greatest concerns! FJP ensures that all property (landscaping, cars, windows, unpainted surfaces, etc.) is protected against overspray and waste products are properly disposed.

At the end of the paint job, your lead painter will walk the jobsite with you to make sure all contractual obligations have been met and you are satisfied with the work completed. All equipment, materials, and trash will be taken off the property the last day of work.


We specialize in small to medium size commercial buildings, When necessary, FJP crews are able to flex their work schedules to accommodate painting during non- peak business hours. This makes for a seamless and steady work schedule without interfering with everyday business activity.

Resale & Flips
With experience comes insight! We know the best areas to refresh and highlight with new paint in order to draw a potential buyer’s attention and appreciation. Kitchens & bathrooms are nice focal points, as well as select doors, trim pieces, and entry ways. Matching the best sheens for each substrate makes a difference between highlighting accents or blending away small blemishes.

New Homes
Not a fan of the all-white interior of your new home? Ready to introduce your preferred tones, sheens, and vibrant colors? Or perhaps you’re thinking of revamping those exterior trim or accent pieces, refreshing a detached arbor, or applying some penetrating stain to your new fence. Give us a call—we’re here to help you gracefully transition into color!

Exterior Work