Flying Jewel Painting




Flying Jewel Painting crews are skilled and experienced in providing painting services for all residential and small to medium commercial projects. Check out our project pictures for samples of our work.

RESIDENTIAL – Painting helps to protect and preserve your biggest investment, your home! It also offers a chance to infuse your own style into your space with a fresh coat of paint. Our residential painting experts know the relationships between color, space, and substrate very well. Using our expertise, we highlight your decorating & color preferences to create your vision. Transforming any interior or exterior residential space for aesthetic or practical preservation is our specialty!

COMMERCIAL – Commercial properties require similar upkeep as residential homes. FJP provides services for a number of these buildings including painting interiors and exteriors of retail stores, office buildings, condominium complexes, HOAs, restaurants, banks, warehouses, strip malls, churches, etc. They key to commercial painting comes down to careful planning and preparation. We make sure that the onsite working area is sectioned off for the protection of tenants, patrons and painters alike. FJP ensures all exterior surfaces are properly cleaned and thoroughly primed (very key!) before painting, in order to maximize the protective qualities of the product. FJP uses non-VOC and low-odor paint for commercial interior projects and the hardiest of exterior products.

OSHA-based safety equipment and safety procedures help guide our teams through every stage of our commercial projects!