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At Flying Jewel Painting, our door is always open to meet people interested in being a part of our painting company. We value strong work ethic, kindness, and the ability to lead or the willingness to be part of a team. New to the trade? If you want to learn the skillset of a productive, professional painter, give us a call or visit the contact page to connect with us. One of our team members will get back to you very soon. Thank you!

Whether it is a waterborne or an oil-based stain, color can fade quicker on a stained surface compared to a painted surface. Every few years you can choose to brighten up your stained surfaces with a fresh coat. Early Spring is a great time to tackle this project, in anticipation of future summer gatherings! Remember to ask about adding a clear coat on your vertical surfaces such as doors & posts. Wood conditioner and clear coats will help with consistency of stain color and help stain jobs last longer. We enjoy using the top oil-based stains and clear coats to add color and best preservation strategies to your home.

We are often asked how we determine bids for our various projects. No two jobs are the same and there is no basic algorithm to follow. Many aspects are considered when determining a bid value. To start, there is a significant difference between a re-paint and a refurbishing of a substrate. For instance, a re-paint will consist of the usual and customary prep work & painting procedures. The rehabbing of a house or commercial space will often take more time to prep and paint accordingly. At this stage, prices may be higher to ensure expected outcomes.

Additionally, the cost to engage a rehab project may be based in a Time and Materials payment structure. One step up from this is a total refurbishing of interior or exterior surfaces. This may include stripping, re-coloring, staining, and or clear-coating for instance. At the very least, a refurbishing is meant to restore many substrates already on-site. For a refurbish, a Time & Material pay structure may also apply.